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jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

Google+ and Hangouts Ideas!

jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

Small rant about a world without internet.

Hello All,
During the holiday season I got to go to Cuba. I got to say that it was an amazing experience to see what the comunisms is like and see how people in this country lives...
They got beautiful beaches, great artists and a fantastic spirit. But things they lack are freedom, happiness and money.
In the freedom section they lack the #internet. As a person who loves the internet, I admit that it was hard for me to spend 1 whole week without an internet connection. In #Cuba, internet is very limited or hardly inexistant... Why do I say that?
Cuba's average wage is $18 USD. Which 90% of it or all of it is gone shopping for food. This means that the average cuban can not afford a computer and not even what internet in their home costs... For them that is a dream.
I was told that if you were a college student, the government would grant you 2 hours per week in a university pc but with restricted access to the internet...
Cuba gets its internet through a sub aquatic cable that travels from Venezuela to Cuba with 100 mbs/second. Imagine the internet connection speed for the entire island.
I ended up finding that there was a computer in one of the 2 hotels where I stayed in and the speed was terrible. It was like 256 kbs/sec. I wasnt able to load gmail in their rich format plus it took forever to load.
At the end, for me the internet is more than just a way to look at funny pictures... Its a way of life. Its a way how you communicate with your family continents apart or just 2 miles away, its how you get the latest news in seconds, its about marketing your business, its about streaming a movie, its about learning something new, its about freedom of speech!!!
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domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

Why Is There No Love For Photospheres?

Due to the fact I was working on my thesis I had stopped blogging and concentrated all my strengths to that. But it is now over and I can come back and say what is on my mind.
I also recently changed my smartphone again to a new and beautiful +Nexus  5. I have to admit that this phone rocks and I have enjoyed it a lot. But since the +Motorola Mobility  Moto G came out I have wanted one (not to replace my Nexus but as an add on device).
Several things have stopped me from completed the purchase... 1) I already have a 1 or 2 month old and 2) I seriously am in love with photospheres.
Since Google introduced photospheres in +Android  4.2.2 I have used it everywhere I go. Not a vacation or an interesting place have gone by where I haven't taken a photosphere and the reason is they are cool as hell.
When you open then its like returning to a place you have already been and living the story all over again. And if its not your photosphere then you will be able to see exactly what the other people who took the picture wanted you to see.
When I show this to every one they get amazed. And they tell me: "What phone is that?!" and I got to explain its a Nexus which is running pure stock Android and that this feature is limited to Nexus devices. But why is that?
One of the reasons that I didn't buy the Moto G is that I need the stock Android Camera app. I still to wonder why hasn't Google released it yet?
Photospheres help for ton of stuff. For example:
1) Mapping: People has the possibility to upload their photospheres to +Google Maps  and if approved they will be uploaded to it.
2) Remembering where you where: Being able to go back and check the photosphere is priceless.
3) In order to view photospheres you got to enter +Google+ Photos 
I really thought that with the Android update in 4.4.1 that the APK would be released and that we would be able to install it in any phone but it didn't happen. I am guessing it will eventually happen because Google is getting into the +Google Play Store all its stock apps (slowly).
I found this link but I haven't tried it where it states that you don't need root in order to install the stock app in non nexus devices:
Here are some photospheres I have taken: HERE,HERE and HERE

Also, I am in a very active Google Plus community which share photospheres, here is the link:

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martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Why I think Google should buy Waze.

I have been reading lately that +Google  is in talks to buy Waze. I have read comments saying that that’s the end of Waze and others saying that it will be awesome. I would like to spend the next few minutes with you sharing my view. As probably many people know by now, I don't live in the United States.

The reason I am saying this is because I use +Google Maps a lot, but it doesn't usually work for turn by turn directions in my country. It can show you how to get there but you could seriously crash by reading off the screen of the smartphone while you get to your location.

Instead, Waze is the best GPS alternative in my country, Costa Rica. It gives you turn by turn directions and almost every place is easily searchable. That for me is a great advantage. But many people might be able to say... that’s not a big deal. That’s just a software update away and you are done. You are probably right.

The reason why I think Waze would be a fantastic acquisition for Google is the fact that since Google Maps lack turn by turn navigation, people had the need in looking for other apps that could do what they needed. Waze for example. People here in Costa Rica use Waze a lot, and they even prefer it over Google Maps. So imagine the head count... almost an entire country using Waze.

Now, if you haven't seen the trend, Google is going social. It is bringing Google+ to every one of its products. So probably if Waze would be acquired, it will heavily be used in Google+. For me, that is a good move, due to the fact that basically no one in Costa Rica has a Google+ profile active. Many people gives it a try, but when they see the lack of their friends compared to Facebook, then they switch back.

Imagine the possibility of not only Costa Rica, but many other countries around the world coming together in Google+. That would be awesome. So I think that Google should seriously acquire Waze not only to help people in many countries, but to expand their amount of active users in countries where they don't have much user base.

One more thing lets don't forget... Waze would be directly bound to Google Now. So it would be easier for Google to calculate your commute time if it knows where there is a crash, or a group of people, or a concert going one...

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jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

How do I use my Google Drive space?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about +Google Drive (cloud storage) and external storage. I was telling him that by getting my +Chromebook  I got 100 gb of free Google Drive storage for 2 years.
I have now 200 GB in my account and use almost 82% of it.

So I only pay $5 a month for the data I have. He then asked me what happens after the 2 years is up? I told him that probably I would reconsider buying another chromebook to get the extra storage again, plut that the chromebook itself has proven to be a GREAT computer and that im sure the models in 2 years are going to be way better.

He told me that he wasnt willing to pay $5 or $10 a month for the storage and that he prefered external hard drives or thumb drives. I gave him my reasons why I use cloud storage and why I have no problem paying for that monthly fee... and here they are:

1. I forget EVERYTHING! I have bought during my entire life 16 thumb drives and i have lost them all. I leave them connected to some random computer or break them. Its really a hassle.

In the contrary, how can I lose my cloud if its in Google's data center??? I know that I can access the files from a web browser in any computer and simply log off afterwards. I have 2 way authetication, so it is really no problem!

The one thing that i do have to worry about is if I erase the file, but it is still in the recycle bin of Google Drive.

2. I like experimenting with +HTML5, css and javascript and Google drive has a feature built into it which can help you host your website in seconds. Its easy, its always available and you can even do it with the free storage you get from default.

3. I store my photos in Google Drive. All my photos I have taken since the beginning of times I have it uploaded into Google Drive. I have it organized by year, folders of specific events and stuff like that. In the title of either the picture or in the folder I place the name of the person who is in the picture, so I can use google's search capability to look for people in pictures in a VERY FAST WAY!!

4. I have a my collegue papers organized by collegue name (i attend more then 1 school), major, quarter, and subject. I keep everything we have done in there, voice recordings, powerpoint presentations, notes, pdfs and all that stuff.

Once again, i have the search capabilities to find documents  that are about "economics" in it. It is really really simple to use.

5. I have always hated when people from school are taking a course I already took and ask me: "do you have something about... cars?". I would have to go to my Google Drive and look for the document.
If this would be a ONE time thing, i would say: "yeah sure! Give me a sec." But that is really not. So all my collegue folders, i shared dem if the people had access to the link and entered the information into a Google Site web page.

Here is the page:

It is divided by courses... so you can look for the course you are taking and browse through the files. This has given me lots of freedom, and i have never looked for a file again.

6. Software Repository.

What is it that you hate the most after reimaging your computer? Well, i like reimaging mine 2 times a year, plus I have a work computer and a personal computer. So what gets me the most headaches about this is to find the software again. Perhaps I don't remember the name and never get to use it again.

So i created folders named:
Software - Most have
Software - Optional

The most have software is the first one i always sync when I have reimaged windows or i have a new computer. It without any hassles downloads the installers. I only have to click and walk through the installation process. At the end, all the software will eventually update itself.

The optional software is never synced to my pc but i download a specific installer if I need it eventually.

7. I always have a public folder to share stuff with people.

8. I sync my parents computer with it.

Plus all the other benefits that everyone knows... collaboration, sharing, peace of mind, have your files in multiple devices when you need them, syncing, and so on.

Of couse i dont think Google drive is perfect. There is much to improve but a lot has been acomplised in one year that is truly amazing!

This is how I use my Google Drive space. Do you have other ideas? Please share!

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Are we expecting other Stock Android Phones in the future?

One the things which I really liked about the Google IO 2013 is the fact that Google released a +Samsung Mobile USA  Galaxy S4 smartphone with stock vanilla android in it! “The stock Android Jellybean 4.2 OS on the upcoming Google S4 eliminates the Nexus branding that other Galaxy devices have held and comes with a completely unlocked bootloader.  The themes and skins that have identified Galaxy software will be replaced by a basic and direct Android interface, and it will have no preinstalled apps bogging it down.  That will make for a cleaner and more customizable phone, ideal for developers who seek the capability to modify their devices (hence its announcement at the developers’ conference).” as PC magazine describes.

The developers in the conference did like this but were not very happy when they heard the price point. However, it is very important for me. If you have read my blog before, you might now that I love vanilla android and the +Nexus  stock apps (check my blogpost about the nexus stock apps here).

So when I heard the news, I was pretty happy... for the device and for the fact that other phones in the future could roll out with stock android! The possibilities are endless and this is a good start to avoid fragmentation between devices.

For example: when apple releases an OS update, then all recent devices get the update the same day!! That is the future and people will benefit from it. I hope that is where we are going so the android ecosystem can receive the best updates and people can use the best features!

By the way, for the people that think: “why not just change the S4 to a different ROM?” then my answer is simple. Rooting and installing ROMs every so often is only done by smart saavy people. People like us which loves they smart phones and like to be tweaking it. But for the rest of the population who we normally have to provide tech support the idea of a stock device which is updated automatically would be a safe bet.

What do you think? Is Google making the same mistake once again?

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Is Google making the same mistake it did with it’s messaging apps but with tasks?

Hello All,

I watched the Google IO 2013 keynote in real time and I have to say I liked it a lot. Of course, it was incredible... there were good things and bad things. One thing that I was to point out is the new “reminders” feature into Google now.

I think its a way into the right direction and I hope that more things are done by voice recognition. But the thing i DON'T like is the way there all the tasks/reminders are being stored. If you haven't tried the reminder it says “ you can find your reminders in Settings > My stuff > Reminders” (See picture below).

So... I think Google is doing the same mistake as it did with its Google Messaging Apps, creating apps one by one for the same thing... I thought that +Google had already learned from its mistakes since it created the Hangouts app which centralized all Google Messaging apps out there.

Let take a look:

Google has 3 apps for reminders/tasks right now...

1. Google tasks in +Gmail...

This was the first... it doesn't do much as it is only  a place to store the “to do” list that people have. There is no app of a way to sync with Google Calendar.

2. Google Keep.

Google Keep has another way to create create “to do” lists, but there is no integration between Google tasks and/or Google Calendar.

3. Google Now Reminders.

This is the new feature which was released this week. The reminders are not synced neither with tasks, calendar, keep or any other.

So... if you create an reminder, you BETTER remember in which app you created it because they are different apps for the same thing which don't work with each other. To me as a user that is very stupid to do so... and for Google as a business is not intelligent because many people are wasting money doing the same thing in different programs and then they will eventually have to work to unite them.

What do you think? Is Google making the same mistake once again?

martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Get Google Nexus default apps in the Google Play Store!

I know there is a lot of excitement for tomorrows +Google  I/O. I am going nuts already, I wish I was in California! Many things are supposed to be announced. One thing I hope that it will be SOMEDAY announce is the fact that all Nexus Apps would be available in the Google Play Store.

I had the Google Galaxy Nexus and I loved it, now I have the +Samsung USA Note 2. I like it a lot, but I most of the time hate the Note 2 default apps such as contacts, video, gallery, messages, calculator, camera and all others. But, I love the apps in the +Nexus phones.

I wish that Google would eventually get into the +Google Play Store all of the default apps for download if the user likes it.

I would so much make all Google Nexus apps default!

What do you think? Do you like your OEM’s default app or would you rather use Googles?

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jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Help Stop Smartphone Burglary!

Have you ever had a friend that had his/her smartphone stolen? I don't think there is a country which is 100% robbery-free. Burglars exist everywhere and we are not exempt.

An item that is very easily stolen are smartphone. Its an easy catch. You get away with it and you get at least $400 dollars (worth if not more...). However, its a shame that even though the crime rate has gone up, the smartphone manufacturers have not acted on this to prevent this from happening.

Probably (and most likely) the reason is that if your phone does get stolen, you are going to buy a new one. But that is if you don't get killed during the robbery. And chances are that you don't have enough money to buy a decent phone and get up getting one of these Nokia Asha phones or a low cost Android device.

Smartphone makers should stop caring so much about profit and start thinking about the well being of the users. I am sure that if +Google implemented some kind of feature into +Android, then more android phones would be bought more because of the people would feel safer that the crime rate went down.

This topic is so very easily fixed... and smartphone makers could lower crime rates in every single country in the world if they would do so.

One idea that comes into my mind is to link the serial number or some unique key identifier to your Google account. Regardless if you rooted your phone, or if you wiped your devices... The idea is that the thief won't be able to use the device in any way (keep it or sell it).

At the end, people would feel safer because the crime rate would go down. If you, as the rightful owner, decide to sell, lend or give away the device, the idea is to unlink the smartphone to your account and it can be free to be used by someone else.

Well, that is one of my ideas. I would like to listen to yours! Do you think this is necessary for the OEMs to implement?

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martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Why cant I use my Google Drive Space as I please?

One year ago, +Google  unveiled a great service called +Google Drive . Drive is a great place in order to store documents at first, but then it turned to much more. It was a perfect place for collaboration and it got to the point that it even let you host your own website... quite amazing!

Thanks to my +Chromebook , Google gave me 100 GB of free online storage for a year! I had decided before getting the Chromebook to live 100% in the cloud, so I had already purchased 200 GB. All my stuff is in Google Drive, except music which is in Google Music!

The features keep up coming every now and then, but you can see the great progress which the Drive team has gone through.

If you are like me, one feature that I am desperate needing are disk quotas or a way for people to use my free space on non Google Apps accounts. I will give you an example:

I have 71% of my cloud space gone! I have used it up! But if you are like me, you probably have non techie friends or family. Take for instance my parents, they normally don't even update their Windows security updates, or Java, and probably don't back up their files.

As the only son, it is my sole duty to take care of these tasks. So, in order to stop worrying about having to back up the info every so often, i downloaded Google Drive into their computers, and created a shared file from my account so they could put their things in my space (since free space is only 5 GB).

To my surprise, Google stopped syncing their info when their account got to 5GB. Whyyy?!??!?!! I am giving my space to them! I am letting them use my space! This is insane. For Google it should be possible that if I want to give away my space to others I should be able to do so, or install disk quotas to people.

My family is never going to sign up to a back up service, but I am (obviously). Google should be able to do this, and not care what I am doing with my space while I fill up my space. At the end, its Google that wins, because if my space gets filled with documents from people that never would pay for drive, then I will eventually have to get more space, and that is money for them!

So, its a bit frustrating! Do you think this should be enabled? Do you agree that you should be able to share your space with whoever you want? Please share this, and help me raise awareness, so Google will do something about it!

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